I'm here to give advice to anyone who wants it, I'm here to listen. If you ever need anyone I'm here for you all. I answer every single question. If you would prefer to send an email please send them all to amie_hayward@outlook.com.



A couple of quick things before you post a question, I answer so many so if you have sent one already and it was on anonymous, please check out my answered questions and have a look through, I know there are a lot of questions but please pretty please check first just in case. If it was not on anonymous then just check your messages and it will be in there, if not then I will answer it for you again no problem! Please remember that I am online as much as I physically can be, but remember I am in London, so if you're elsewhere around the world then there will a time difference and I will answer you as soon as I come online. If it is an emergency then send it to my email and I will reply as soon as I can. Have a happy and positive day. Lots of love Amie. xxxxx'
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