I'm here to give you advice and support regardless of what you have to say, I will listen to you and be here no matter what happens.

I answer every question I get in my inbox.

If you would prefer to send an email please send them all to amie_hayward@outlook.com.


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PLEASE READ FIRST I'm in London (UK) so please remember that there will be a time difference, I'm not a robot, I do have a life outside of tumblr, so please remember that. If you answered a question off anonymous, then please check your messages, if it was on anonymous, then please check my answered page. I don't mind answering questions again, however, if you haven't bothered checking my answered page, please don't expect me to answer it again, I will beforehand check to make sure I have answered it, but it makes my life doubly difficult if you don't bother, so please help me out a bit. Obviously if I didn't get it, drop me a message, and I'll always be happy to answer it for you again. If you send me hate messages, you will be named and shamed.If you're sending me a message over 4 seperate asks long, please send it to my email: amie_hayward@outlook.com just because it tends to stop other messages coming through. I also do not do promo's shoutouts or anything so please don't message me asking. Lots of love, Amie xxxxx'
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I'm in London UK so remember the time difference,your questions will be answered, I love you❤️