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Not many of you will have heard my voice, but here is a thank you message for everything you’ve done, for the most amazing 2 years, I will let everyone know what I’m going to do when I’ve made a proper decision. I love you all so much<3

Anonymous: Timezone? I want to know when to ask you questions dear :)

I’m from London darling :) xxxxx

Anonymous: I'll miss you Amie.. tumblr won't be the same... but its for the best, good luck in life xxxx you honestly helped me a lot thanks for your tips and everything <3

I haven’t made a 100% decision yet but I promise you that I will make sure that everyone knows exactly what is going on. xxxxxx

Anonymous: I blew it. I fucking blew it. My crush told me he likes me in many different ways and I was too ignorant and insecure to fully put it into terms. And now he barely talks to me and I don't know why. I don't know what I did to lose that shine that caught his eye. And I'm devastated because of it. If only I could go back in time to that one FaceTime call and put it into terms. I am full of remorse. Can I email you about this? I really need full advice about it. What's your email?

my email is amie_hayward@outlook.com


Anonymous: my mom just told me we're having money problems and I'm freaking out I just had a panic attack I'm worried about everything and I think my depression is starting to come back but I don't wanna tell her bc that's more money I just wanna give up right now

Honey it’s going to be okay, breathe, your mum will make things work darling, write down your feelings, maybe talk to your mum about how you can help to make things a bit easier for her. Here are some natural depression tips to help you out: 

  1. Routine - Getting into a routine is so important because it can bring back that element of structure to your life where depression has taken that away from you so taking it slowly adding one new thing to your routine every week can help you to get back on track
  2. Setting goals - When you’re feeling depressed you feel like you’re useless or you’re good at nothing, but setting small goals to start off with can really help you because when you start to achieve something you think “wow I can actually do this” 
  3. Exercise - The endorphins in exercise can temporarily boots those feel-good chemicals in your brain, and can also have long term benefits for people who are battling depression. Exercise has been show to help the brain rewire itself in a more positive way. 
  4. Eating clean - There are no magic foods that will beat depression, however it has been shown that depression tends to make you overeat, so starting to feel in control of what you’re eating can help you to feel in control.
  5. Getting enough sleep - It is so hard to get enough sleep when you’re depressed but not getting enough sleep can make it worse, click here for sleeping tips
  6. Challenge negative thoughts - In your fight against depression you need to remember that a lot of the work is mental, so the next time you’re feeling down, or you’re having negative thoughts, channel that into something that will help, so that might be workouts, art, writing, change that negative energy into a positive. 
  7. Do something new - Pushing yourself is so important when you’re depressed, so trying something new because the chemicals in the brain change, and studies have shown that it alters the levels of dopamine which can be associated with pleasure and enjoyment.
  8. Have fun - you’re going to think I’m crazy because things don’t ever seem fun, but you need to keep trying, the more you try the harder you’re fighting depression. Don’t give up.


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